Proud American Knitter

Yes, this is a political post.

I have many friends, students, and customers that may feel this is not the best place to post political views, but this directly affects every American, and many that are not American citizens.
I have been knitting pink hats for the PussyHatProject for the Woman’s March on Washington, and enjoying every second of it.

14 or 15 hats in total
(honestly, I lost count…)

They will be worn in 3 different states, by women, girls, men, and boys.
I am one proud knitter!

This is one of my oldest friends and her family ready to march in Sacramento, CA tomorrow and I could not be more proud!

I will be wearing my hat in solidarity tomorrow while I am working. I have half a dozen hats in the Wichita march, 10am meet at The Keeper of the Plains. I will be just around the corner at American Maid, hosting the iCT DeSTaSH SaLe from 9am – 6pm.
I love my country, I love my freedoms, and I love that I can stand up and be heard in a respectful, peaceful yet uber-strong manner. I love my right to speak up against what I feel, and know, to be an injustice for the American people. I own it.

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