click, click, click…slide…clack, clack, clack…slide…

That would be the sound of my knitting needles flying along creating item after item.

Some items are commission work…fun, happy designs for friends, usually a gift for a kid.
Some items are Christmas gifts…yes, I still have more to finish. Last count I had a total of 52 to be ready for Christmas. I think I am only about 1/3 of the way through.

Some items are test knits, also fun & challenging in their own right.

Some items are my designs to either sell as a pattern or sell the finished item.
That means I need somewhere to sell the items & custom orders I am getting before the holidays…

Hello Etsy!!

I have a bit of stock built up but I don’t want to open until I have dozens of items & a lot of variety to list. That means patience on my end of things. My store is technically open on Etsy with just one custom order listing for a friend that’s actually paid for, finished & shipped.

Soon I am hoping to have my stock finished, photos taken, business cards arrived, shipping labels ready, etc to open my Etsy shop…Firebrunette Knits & Wears (yes, wears instead of wares since I knit & wear items as well as sell the items all you cool peeps will be wearing, hinthint).

Any special requests or ideas on what I should sell in the shop just drop me a line or comment!

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