Surprise from Santa Barbara!!

For 4 years I had the pleasure of  teaching at a knitting shop that a dear friend opened in 2006.

Knit & Pearl Boutique, owned by Julie Rainak, was my home yarn shop for a long time but it’s time has come to an end. So sad that life gets in the way sometimes. Julie has had to close the shop due to family obligations. She will keep the facebook page & blog going, hoping to arrange some meetups and knit-a-longs.
I was lucky enough to teach some of the greatest knit students in all of Santa Barbara! I have missed my classes, students & especially the shop since leaving 2+ years ago.

Julie surprised me with a package that I found on my porch this morning! Wanna see it? Okay!

Oh my goodness! Look at all the vintage buttons!! And the cashmere lace yarn! And the sticker & the Spud & Chloe project bag! Wow. I feel like a very spoiled girl right now.

Julie, thank you so much for being such a great friend for years.
I wish you & your family all the best in life, love & health!
Santa Barbara is really losing a treasure. Your store was an inspiration for local business, women business owners & yarn shops.

Congratulations on the successes you have had the last 6 years!!

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