Thursday Thrift Store Find

Among a few other things I found yesterday (a few cloth diapers in good shape, flannel receiving blankets to use for burp cloths and diaper inserts) I found a bag of yarn for $5.48! And great yarns too!!

There is some Rowan Denim, Jamieson Spindrift, Euroflax Linens, Cascade 220, Elsebeth Lavold Cottons, and about 10 others…I would guess retail value to be just around $150. And all of it usable!! Now that is a find!

I came home and immediately crocheted a Single Crochet Beanie (pattern link on the left sidebar) with earflaps using the Sweet Bee ball of yarn. So cute! Josh wants a matching one so I will have to round up yarns in the same colors to make him one as well.

I have been knitting and crocheting lots of baby things. I finished the sweater to bring him home in, now to decide if I want to get some little pants done as well or just socks and a hat.  I am leaning towards the socks and hat.  I finished up a few more diaper soakers, 2 more sleep sacks/kicking bags, newborn mittens, nursing pads that need to be felted and lanolized (Now lanolin should be here today so I can get them done.)

Okay, off to clean a little, organize and start sewing!


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