I am back to being a full time stay at home mom and while I love the free time to make and clean and organize things I do not like the old feeling that creeps up on me of being monetarily worthless. One way I am trying to combat that feeling until the baby comes is to produce as many things as I can without spending any money on materials.
Cori brought me 2 big bins of acrylic yarns the other night, I sorted and organized and I do believe most of it I can actually use. Lots of white, creams, blues, greens, black, and a few assorted browns.

In the last week I have managed to finish a few diaper soakers, wool nursing pads (which still need to be felted and lanolized), and now I am doing my best to get a few more sleep sacks done. Today I am working on a second Owlie Sleep Sack. I have a newborn sweater about halfway finished but for some reason have lost total interest in it even though it really should be done first since I want it to be his first outfit to come home in.

I found a new thrift store a couple of weeks ago and went 2 days ago with the intention of focusing on baby items only. Luckily this thrift store is big enough and the infant/baby section is right in front that I could walk straight to what I wanted without being sidetracked.
For $15 I was able to get over 20 newborn  clothing items!
Prior to this trip I had 2 pair of little leggings and some onesies/tops but not much else. I plan on making a bunch of wool longies too. I still have a month, plenty of time if I focus on knitting/crocheting. Luckily I don’t have much sewing I want to do, mostly because I don’t have any fabric or money to buy fabric.

I am going to borrow a knitting machine from one of the ladies in the Crochet Guild and try to whip out some items using a lot of the acrylics Cori gave me.
So in order to have the time to do that I better stop typing here and get back to the production line!!

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