I just saw a picture of a super cute, super short haircut that is so very me.

I will resist.

I think I would freeze to death with a boy-short cut again. I really use my long hair here!

Of course, it’s also a picture of a super cute green cardigan pattern. Go figure, cute hair and a cute sweater.

Eh, I did that hair for YEARS. Moving on.

The sweater is damn cute though…

2 thoughts on “Tempted…

  1. I’m not sure I will ever quit doing that hair. I’ve tried to grow out without success. I go crazy the minute my hair starts to touch my ears!

    Oh, and the sweater is awfully cute!


  2. I am afraid that with how thin I am I would look like I am about to die. Someone called me Skeleton Lady, we won’t mention who, coughChristicough, at Alyx’s wedding. That was bad enough lol


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