This one’s for Suzanne

My friend Suzanne has gone through an amazing transformation in the last year. Losing 70+ pounds, working her ass off, literally.

She has also gone through an amazing mental/emotional transformation. Her thoughts and inspirations have been a gift to me, helping me see that with obesity there are a lot of the same issues as with anorexia. Here are a few things she said recently that I feel especially connected to.

I am also a little saddened by it, and angry at myself, for having indulged in such a self-destructive way of life for so long – for treating myself so poorly, and putting my happiness and health so low on the list.

I feel really lucky, to have all the support and encouragement that I do. I feel privileged. I feel guilty sometimes too, because far too often, I still feel undeserving of the things that I want for myself.

I am so happy to see Suzanne shine! She knows, I hope that through the years I told her often enough, that I have always found her beautiful, inside and out. Smart, funny, compassionate, kind, so very attentive to others feelings, a wonderful friend…I doubt I have been as good of a friend to her as she has been to me.

I am very blessed to have you as a friend my beautiful Suzanne!




4 thoughts on “This one’s for Suzanne

  1. Cori

    I love Suzanne. I love how much she thinks of others. I love how she finally recognizes her own beauty, the beauty her friends have seen in her always. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Suzanne

    Holy shit you guys!

    I’m totally crying right now. Tears streaming down my face.

    So sweet.

    Love and miss you insane amounts.


  3. Justina

    Aww, I just saw this and now I’m crying too! It’s true, Suzanne, you are a great friend and an inspiration. And Chauntel and Cori, you two rock. Love sisters!


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