New News…of which there isn’t much

Let’s see, I have been working a couple shifts a week at the hotel. I like the job, would love more hours. But then again, so would everyone else.
I have been busy with Mom and her adventures; quilt guild, sewing group, shopping, yoga. Unfortunately the weather has been beautiful but I still can’t sit my butt on a horse. Mom will do that all day tomorrow, without me.
I have been knitting, kind of flitting between a few projects but if I would just choose one, focus and finish I could possibly have 3 done in the next 3 days. We’ll see if I have the gumption to stick to it.
On a health note, every one and their mother has started commenting on my size and weight. One woman at the sewing group yesterday flat out said to my Mom right in front of me, and I quote, “So is she anorexia?” Mom rolled her eyes, said yes, and made a terrible noise expressing how rude she thought the question was while I just nodded my head yes. The same woman then proceeded to talk about me to another woman while I sat 6 feet away. She said she bet I wore a size 0. I looked over and politely corrected her, my response got a good dying fish, gaping mouth. I won’t tell you what I said.
Our yoga instructor is concerned, told Mom on Monday when I wasn’t there that he doesn’t know what to do for me.
Mom’s friend that I hadn’t met yet, met her today and she is fabulous, overheard and asked if there was anything she could do for me. Mom was polite and said no, thank you, just think of her in your prayers.
We spent the rest of Monday shopping in Idaho Falls and came home to a package on the doorstep of a fresh baked pumpkin bread loaf, hot cinnamon rolls, essential oils to help with my broken hearted stress and keeping away bad thoughts/spirits. A very thoughtful, loving care package that I thanked her profusely for this morning at yoga. Yes, I ate pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls. Mom just about beat the kids off yelling at them that it’s all for me ;o) Protective Moms rock!
She keeps trying to force feed me crap food though. Cookie dough, she knows I can’t resist. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, toffee covered peanuts, any type of candy or cake that anyone puts near us she snags and says I need. lol
I don’t think she honestly notices that I don’t eat 90% of what she shoves at me. I eat some, I know it makes her feel better to know she is showing she truly cares and wants me to gain weight.
I have a goal weight. I won’t say what I am at now. I won’t say a deadline, I can’t guess at that. I hate the scale and won’t step on it again, it’s been a week and before that it was back in July, until clothes stop fitting.
I have a couple of friends that are working with me on my stupid issues that are driving this. Gee, a divorce, broken heart, anger, frustration, self worth issues, punishing myself in some way, keeping myself unhappy on purpose. All those reasons have been brought to my attention. I deal with what I can, when I can.
Friends are good. Friends that love unconditionally, love me through my fucked up faults, truly want the best for me, those are hard to come by and I am blessed with quite a few. Fracy rocks my world, of course!
So, there you have it. I am alive & kicking (go listen to Nonpoints song, it is A-Mazing). Here, I will just link it ;o) Make it easy for the technologically challenged among you.

Okay, back to knitting & hangin’ with the kids before bed.


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