Physically Healing

Seeing the sports therapist has been very good, albeit expensive when I don’t have any money for extras (my entire first paycheck went to him). I have had to accept that healing my body isn’t an extra. I can’t function properly as a Mom or daughter or friend when I am in constant pain. The therapist/chiropractor, Dr. GoodTorture as I have referred to him previously, wishes I would have been further along in the healing process by now. I think the emotional stresses and mourning I am going through have slowed things down. I am doing all my stretches, exercises, therapy, that he wants. I even have started rebuilding small butt muscles again. Better than all bone.

Yesterday he worked me really hard, I am hurting more this morning than I have for well over a week. But pain is part of the healing process, isn’t it?

Pain is part of all healing processes. It is painful to heal emotionally as well.

It is painful to forgive. It is even more painful to forget. It is painful to regret. It is painful to let go.

I am working on things. Physically, emotionally. Not making huge strides but at least I am realistic about my pain and healing, not hiding away from things…I don’t think ;o)

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