Taiyo Mermaid Scarf~ Yummy

Tracy splurged & bought me a huge ball of the Noro Taiyo cotton blend yarn in the Color 02.


I love this yarn!!

On Saturday she brought it over & we went on a pattern hunt.

We found the Mermaid Scarf from Interweave Crochet & went to work.


By that night I had myself a scarf!


I love how it turned out!



It’s a fantastic pattern for a self-striping yarn like this.

The yarn itself is wonderful to work with. Soft on the hands, easy to crochet, beautiful color changes. I will defenitely be buying more of this yarn!

0 thoughts on “Taiyo Mermaid Scarf~ Yummy

  1. I have eyed the mermaid scarf from Interweave for quite some time. Now that I have seen yours made up, I’m thinking I must have one, too. I must ask what size hook you used? And the yarn is bulky weight, so is it too much for a spring/fall scarf? It sounds luscious.


  2. I used an H hook and one skein. I crocheted the fans until I ran out of yarn and ended with the finishing fan. I did not follow the pattern as written to turn and crochet more fans back to the beginning of the scarf.


  3. I found your scarf through Ravelry and it’s YOUR ;0) fault I went and bought some Taiyo. Sounds like an awesome soft mix. Love your scarf.


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