As promised~Trapeze Jacket

Tracy was kind enough to take some pictures of me in the newly finished Trapeze Jacket last night at knitting.


Details: Trapeze Jacket by Jordana Paige

Silky Wool Yarn by Elsebeth Lavold~ color 014 Olive

Size 6US needles


Of course there are some funny shots, she likes those candids. I may put a few on the bottom to amuse her.






Twirling is always fun, or was I flapping?




There, seen enough? Great!

The buttonholes are hidden in the inside of the placket. That made me very happy!






These are buttons I had on hand. I am not sure I will keep them, if I find something better I will defenitely change them.


Overall, the fit is perfect. The pattern is written very well. The top down construction is as perfect a sweater design as you could ask for.

 I will say though, that the 1×1 slip stitch ribbing pattern gets very old after a while.

That is why it took me from September ’07 through yesterday to get it finished. Granted, I did put it down in October & didn’t pick it up again until 2 days ago.

I would recommend this pattern to anyone that doesn’t expect to finish a sweater lickity-split. If you like taking your time and enjoy the yarn, the process of knitting, then you will love this sweater project!


0 thoughts on “As promised~Trapeze Jacket

  1. I do believe you were flapping. And I must say, pat on the back to me for catching you with your eyes open every time! I do so love this little cardigan. And as tempted as I am to make one out of some Silky Wool, I think I must refrain. I have no desire to knit 1×1 rib for days. But nice job!!


  2. Rowan

    I’m so glad I have 6 or 7 projects OTN already or I’d go for it today!
    I’m a glutton for punishment, I mean, as long as my hands hurt all the time anyway, what the hey!


  3. Cori Dodds

    Love it, love it love it! It suits you so well. And I think I must agree Tracy, although I was not there, that it surely looked like you were flapping. Isn’t that what one does when modeling a newly knit sweater?


  4. Ellen Kwon

    Hi! I just picked up this pattern and am thinking of using Blue Sky Alpaca Suri Merino for it — I just did a swatch of 28 stitches in 1×1 slipped rib pattern on #6 needles and came up with 5 inches — clearly, I’m doing something wrong with the pattern — mine looked more like a basketweave than a 1×1 rib. If you could give me any ideas about what I’m doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


  5. Ellen,
    If you move down a needle size, or 2, you may match gauge. If you can’t match gauge on smaller needles, or you don’t like the resulting fabric from moving down needle sizes, you may need to think of using another yarn.
    But first make sure you try the swatch again using smaller and smaller needles to try to match gauge. It may look like basketweave only because your gauge is so far off right now. Just read the slip stitch description thoroughly and try again!


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