Small stuff

I have been on a bit of a small item bender lately. No big sweaters being whipped out here! Oh, no! It’s all small things like Pantas, Calorimetry’s, brioche scarves, Zigzag scarves, socks (not fancy ones either, just plain Stockinette kids socks) and the like. I would love to be in a sweater mode but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. I have a feeling that until all the baby items and Christmas gifts are done I won’t be starting, or finishing, any sweaters.

Here are a few little things I finished yesterday.

That is another Panta/Drops pattern using Tatamy Tweed dk on size 6 needles.

Here is a Calorimetry from Knitty using Red Heart Soft Yarn multi

I found this cute button while looking for a specific button in my box and thought it was perfect!

You just can’t beat this yarn for the price. It’s washable, doesn’t lose shape, doesn’t pill terribly, doesn’t felt and is so soft & delicious. The color variation is perfect so you don’t get pooling, spiraling or strange stripey things. It’s truly a multi-color yarn! And how perfect for fall!

It’s a little big for Sadie so this one will be mine but I will have to make her another with less cast on stitches.

I have babies arriving from all areas of my life; life-long friends, church friends, family members. So I better get movin’ on the baby item front.
Here is a beanie started for a friend. Her kids all wear beanies all the time so she will recieve an assortment of colors and sizes for this little guy. I am thinking 6 or so, some knit some crochet, since I am not making a blankie or any other large items. Maybe I will throw in a few bibs or something.

Overall that is where my knitting time is going. No magical, ridiculously fast knits here. Just pluggin’ along.