I did it, did you??

Today was World Wide Knit In Public Day.

We did it.

A group of us met at Chase Palm Park and knit our little hearts out while much talking was had. A group of women from Ventura came up and joined us. It was great to meet new knitters & on such a gorgeous day! I did take pictures but the memory card wasn’t in the camera right so when I just plugged it in & turned it on there were only old photos, none from today. I know that Suzanne & Thuy both took some pictures so I am crossing my fingers that they will post a few or put them up at the SantaBarbaraKnitters Yahoo group.

I finished the cabled cream Rebecca sweater while at the park. Laura was kind enough to take a picture that never actually got taken. So this one will have to do. I haven’t blocked or washed it yet. The cowl likes to do a flippy-uppy thing for now but oh well. When it’s properly finished I will take pics of me wearing it.

One thing everyone liked on the sweater were the sleeves/elbows. I worked the cables into the increases instead of leaving them stockinette like the pattern instructed.

I have yet to see it actually on me. But I will take their word for it that it looks good on.

I started the Cocoon shawl pattern out of Traditional knitted lace shawls once I got all the ends tied in on the finished sweater. I am using some koigu, color 915, 4 hanks. I got it at BB’s for 50% off. Helloo??!! That is BOGO, baby!

 I have to admit I did go there again today. I was so afraid all the great stuff would be gone by the time I got there this next week. Yeah, I was right. We never should have told all those Ventura ladies she was closing shop. I got there & there they all were, full bags in hand. Those are some great women! I had so much fun shopping in there with them! I don’t believe I will ever see such crazed, smash & grab shopping again in my life!

Overall, today was one perfect WWKIP day!

2 thoughts on “I did it, did you??

  1. Beautiful sweater, and the lace is looking good!
    I didn’t end up KIP’ing yesterday, but it’s good to see that other people did.


  2. Sounds like you all had a blast. The sweater looks great, too. Had I not been on the back of a BMW motorcycle on my way to Mt. Pinos and back, I would have joined you. Koigu and 50% off in the same sentence makes me want to weep.


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