2nd Wicked done, time to move on

After finishing 2 wicked sweaters in one week I am feeling rather content and ready to move on.

One note: I really hate, hate taking pictures of myself in finished objects.

The only thing not done on the sweater is sewing the bottom sides of the pocket down. I actually haven’t decided if I want them sewn down. I kinda like how big it is now for my hands. I am very much a hands in pockets girl.

It’s not perfect, it’s useful and I will wear it all the time. The Cotton Ease really surprised me with how nice it was to work with and wear. Great weight yarn for our area here in SoCal.

I decided that I would focus on finishing a sweater that has been on the needles way too long:

I have the front, back & 90% of the sleeves finished. All that is left is to sew it together, pick up sts and knit the cowl. It’s not far from being done but I just haven’t put in the time because, well, I won’t be able to wear it for months with summer here.

If you remember, last year I did the Mystery Stole 2 knitalong. Well, Mystery Stole 3 just started signups. I signed up. I may kick myself for doing it but Melanie, the designer, is just too good to pass up. I ordered my yarn, Jaggerspun Zephyr in pewter, from theknitter.com so I will have it in time for the start at the end of June. And how brilliant is she to skip giving out a clue the week that the HP book is released. I guess she knows we’ll all skip the knitting for that release! I know I will have one boring stockinette project, like I did for the last book, so I can do both at once.  oooh, boy! Am I excited!! (with a little dread mixed in there too)

8 thoughts on “2nd Wicked done, time to move on

  1. cute! I’ve seen a “cardi-ized” version of Wicked that is too cute.. might have to make it.


  2. I REALLY like the design of Wicked…one of the few patterns that I think will actually work for me essentially as written (might need to add some short rows, but that’s no big).
    Any advice on the pattern?


  3. No real advice on the pattern. I followed the directions precisely, they are pretty normal top down sweater directions. I did add the increased shaping at the hip because I wanted it to go over my jeans/pants/skirts nicely.

    You won’t need to add any short rows for chest shaping. Just trust the directions for the larger size shaping.


  4. I think it looks great on you, no need to feel bad about taking pictures! I also think the pocket looks fine as is.


  5. Another Wicked already? You’re awesome! I’ve been really, really, really wanting to make that Rebecca cable sweater, but it’s another in a long line of want-to’s right now. What yarn are you using?


  6. Okay, your last mystery stole peaked my interest. I did sign up for it this time around. I hope I can keep up! :)) Now, what yarn to use…


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