Monkeys Done

And they are too big. The lace makes them too big on my legs. I had a feeling but I followed the pattern for the gauge hoping they would fit. Gauge matches. Oh well. Into the gift drawer they go. Possible birthday present for my mom. The pattern was simple & fun enough (I finished them in 3 days) that I may make myself another pair on smaller sized needles. Lord knows I have enough sock yarn to choose from!

With the depression of them not fitting I cast on for another pair that I know would fit, my own pattern. I am using CiderMoon Glacier weight yarn in the color Cherry on Top on size 2 Addi lace needles.

I did all that yesterday after finishing the monkey’s in the morning. Fast & easy. Now, that is not ribbing. It’s an eyelet pattern every 4 rows in a column. Once they are further along past the gussett’s I will try them on & take a picture for more stitch defenition. But just know my goal is to finish them today ;o)

I also did my swatch for the adult size February sweater.

Atacama Alpaca, color 504, from bottom to top on sizes 9, 8, and finally 7 made me happy.
Those are all sts I might need gauge on to start the EPS pattern writing. For now that is as far as it’s going. I need to get a few other things done & then it’s goin’ on the needles, dude.


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