February sweater finished

I finished the February sweater, from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac, last night and LOVE IT! Hopefully I will be adapting it to an adult size soon so I can use some of my new Atacama Alpaca yarn on it.

I followed EZ’s pithy instructions exactly wiht no alterations. I love that her system is that simple. Just read along & voila a sweater appears at the end!

I have worked on another project I recently acquired the yarn for at BB’s closing sale.
Summer tweed & Interweave Crochet

And I have 4 of the 6 leg repeats done on the Watercolor Monkey socks. I took the picture earlier today before I got so far along.

It looks like the yarn is going to be doing the spiral thing but with this pattern & both doing it at the same time, same direction I really don’t care. Perfect pattern to have it happen.


8 thoughts on “February sweater finished

  1. Anonymous

    I really can’t wait to figure out an adult size. I just love the brilliance of the design and the gull stitch pattern she uses.


  2. Anonymous

    I really love the yarn you chose for the EZ baby sweater, really cute. Can’t wait to follow along on your making of the adult version.


  3. Anonymous

    Roni, I am swatching for the adult sweater right this minute using Atacama Alpaca in the green/tans. I think it is going to work out lovely!


  4. Anonymous

    Hey didja see how Meg Swansen wrote you a post on the Zimmermania blog? Hee hee! I’m such a celebrity hound! -Laura


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