My new favorite thing

Envirosax from

I have used them everyday since I got them in the mail last Friday. I used them to haul my Mother’s day gifts around in. I used them at the grocery store today, I used them to haul around some of the kids stuff. They are brilliant! Great large size, strong material, wide handles that can go on your shoulder or you can carry it in your hand without it being too long. Each bag holds at least 2 grocery bags’ worth of stuff. For a total of just over $42 it’s a great bargain for 5 bags plus the carrying case as compared to the grocery store reusable bags that are bulky & cost $10 a piece.

And hello!! How cute are they??

3 thoughts on “My new favorite thing

  1. More bags! I am so temped! Bags are totally my weakness right now, and you keep finding such great ones!



  2. Very cute.. I use canvas bags with long straps so that I can put them over my shoulder. People at the grocery stores HATE my bags.. clearly they think we should just trash everything and let the next generation deal with it or something.


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