I got my sister Hooked

Let me introduce you to my sister, Cori. She has crocheted for years longer than I have (considering she’s my older sister, that makes sense). But she went back to college a few years ago & put down her hook. She has resumed her love of hook & yarn & patterns & piecing & late night yarn shopping. I love her for it! I have loved her always but now, now there is an addiction to share & enable eachother with.

I sent her a box of some fun yarns she had not tried before, including some of my own handspun yarn, as well as a copy of The Happy Hooker. I am proud to say that I have a sister that is a Hooker!

Love yah, Cor!

and add her to your bloglines people. leave comments. don’t just be lurkers, at this point it’s just kinda rude ;o)

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