Yeehaw for finishing

I have 2 pair, count ’em, 2 pair of finished socks! Yippee! First the toe-up rpm’s out of Over the Rainbow yarns Freaky Purple superwash. love them, so fun. I did a shorter leg cuz I don’t have any short socks & wanted some.  The other pair are of my own design using Trekking XXL in color 104. They are a L-O-N-G leg. I love them.

I have sockblockers coming from the Loopy Ewe to block the trekking socks. They fit snugly & I don’t want to stretch them out but the lacey pattern needs to be blocked out a tad for full effect. Then you will get some serious photos with more details about the sock, pattern & why I designed it.

I spent all day, I mean all day from 8am-4:50pm working on my office, living room, organization, yarn inventory, etcetc. It ran the gammet today of what had to be done. You start in one room & before you know it, it involves the entire house and everyone in it. As I mentioned a week or so ago, I had to forfeit one of my beloved bookcases to become a china hutch. It was well worth it but I needed somewhere to put my books. Hence, the entire office overhaul that still is not complete. Now the decorating needs to be done. But for now you can see that I removed all yucky office stuffs from the shelves above my computer and replaced it with loveliness

Notice my books go in order of height, although I do have authors lumped together in most cases (publishers are good to me like that to make them relatively the same size). Tracy’s books are organized alphabetically at her house. How do you organize your books??

The rest of the office pics will come once I get things really in their places. There are still random things sitting willy nilly wherever they landed. Tomorrow. I will finish. And decorate. Not that I have much planned but I will do something to make it cute & happy! Maybe paint a wall or two? Who knows!

I leave you with a gratuitous shot of Charlie. He was a happy sleeper today.
He just plops himself down in the middle of the playroom, legos & grabbers all around & gets himself a bunny nap.


6 thoughts on “Yeehaw for finishing

  1. Anonymous

    Nice job on the socks! I am diggin’ the RPM socks. That yarn was a little shocking in the hank but turned out quite nicely knit up.

    And how good does it feel to be organized! Good one. 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    Awww.. That looks like one happy bunny! Looking at the photo.. I’m starting to think I could use a ‘bunny nap’ as well.. hee hee!


  3. Anonymous

    How do I organize my books?
    I organize by height too, in a way, if the book is too tall for the shelf it gets stacked horizontally. ;o) I tend to group them by topic though. Knitting books are in the closet, other books are out in the living room, my law books in boxes in the garage – every time I see them I am reminded of the fact that I didn’t pass the bar.
    You two are way ahead of me in the organization department — and knitting! I can’t believe how much knitting you crank out! When do you sleep? Amazing – and beautiful things at that.
    I’ve been wanting a sock blocker lately too – especially since I signed up for the Sockapalosa exchange. I think I need more sock yarn too. I’m glad to hear that you like the Loopy Ewe – I might consider ordering from them.


  4. Anonymous

    What fun! I love the feeling of an organized house. I personally organize my books by color. I mostly remember covers better than titles anyway, and they look pretty all color cordinated on my shelves. 🙂


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