incoming goods

Etsy is the devil.

Okay, not really. that was justification for the fact that you get on their & see all the pretties other amazing artists & crafters list and must buy. I mean, MUST buy. Cannot pass up. With even more justification that you just made monies from destash and all that cash is just burning a hole in your paypal wallet. I love handmade things, even more when I didn’t have to make them. The fact that I can purchase a handsewn wallet and messenger bag made from gorgeous, fresh fabrics, reinforced and sewn straight, for a price that makes your chin hit your chest in disbelief, makes me happyhappy.

You can see the wallet tucked in one of my other ‘active’ bags.

I also found a couple of great girls that have a fantastic selection of stitch markers and bracelet row counters. I bought one for myself & one for Tracy, this one is mine. I have worn it a couple of times this past week as anormal bracelet and love how it looks and feels.
Gorgeous batts of green goodness by Miss Violet herself that may have just brought me out of my spinning slump I have been in

And have a look at the inside

Scrumptious I tell you.

I have a few other ingenious goodies on the way also. I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I didn’t have make them, just pay for them. Now that is the mood I am in!

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