Somebody please stop me

I love the Isabella so much I had to find a suitable yarn to substitute for the Rowan 4 ply cotton. Not sure why I wanted a substitute yarn but I did. Actually, I remembered that the Brown Sheep Cotton Fine is the same gauge and I have wanted to try it for ages so there you have it.

Of course, I bought it from my favorite place to get Brown Sheep wools (other than Lambs Pride through K&P), Oregon Trail Yarn & Books.

Oh so pretty, New Age Teal

I started  a new project this evening with some of my new yarn. Tracy & I ordered a whole crapload of Peaches ‘n Creme cotton cones for various things.

 One thing that I need badly is the Mason Dixon Amazing Absorba bathmat. Chocolate brown for my bathroom & charcoal grey for the kids bathroom. One thing I have never understood when ordering from Elmore-pisgah is that they send free sweatshirt inserts, this time a camel~ looky here

You are supposed to cut a regular sweatshirt (not sweater) and sew it in as a panel.
Honestly, who is going to use that? And if you would, please leave a comment & let me know what you would use it for. I am so interested!

I have 4 of the 9 log cabin blocks done. I think I will go as far as I can with the 2 cones or I will make a second mat for the sink if I have enough left on the cones after the first. I am using 2 strands on size 13’s instead of 3 strands on size 15’s. I knew my left hand couldn’t stand up to that kind of strongman knitting. I already have used arthritis cream & have my handy thera-gloves on (inside out cuz the damn seams cut into my skin). I sound like I’m 80, don’t I?? haha And switched from continental to english (or american) style to give my left hand a break. It’s not as fast but less pain so it’s worth the trade off.

Something else I haven’t shown you is the sweater I finished for Knit & Pearl using Manos Del Uruguay cotton.

That was a hard red to get a good picture of.  Overall I am pleased although I will say that yarn is not my favorite to work with. There were multiple knots in each hank. It had a nice hand though and was very soft.

Okay, off to knit until dawn…not really….


7 thoughts on “Somebody please stop me

  1. I like the sweater…what pattern is that?
    And peaches & Cream…YUMMY! I especially like the colorway of those two little balls on the right.


  2. Lady, YOU are on all sorts of crack. Or my speed that I used to have to take. My favorite part about your blog is when I read it I can hear you voice saying these things, and you crack me up. Thanks for the shopping expedition and I might be needing you for your personal shopping services in the near future.


  3. last night was a lot of fun! It’s good to get out in a group to do something different than our norm. I would love to do shopping with you, especially if you have some idea of what you want & I just direct you in Ross. hehe, I know that store way too well. They should pay me for advertising.


  4. The pattern is from a Book that Julie had at Knit & Pearl, Cotton Collection by Manos del Uruguay.


  5. Hi… just surfing around looking for an alternative yarn for Isabella and I came upon your blog… please do let me know how the LP yarn works out. I am a huge fan of LP yarns, and have purchased from that ebay gal before too.
    Beautiful brown for the rug, btw!


  6. Why You got sweatshirts inserts from Ep. They were leftovers from years ago when there was a demand for such things. They had several stacks of big boxes of them and just threw them in to get rid of them. This started when they moved everything from Spindale, NC to Old Fort, NC. That’s why you got a free catalog also. The Spindale address is on them. Prior to the move, a catalog was $8.00 and when they print a new one, it won’t be free.


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