New Knitty is up!!

I just spent way more time reading the new issue of Knitty than I should have. Here are the 2 patterns that WILL be made by me at some point in the not too distant future:

Isabella by Jordana Paige
I love her patterns, she wrote Starsky among other things.

Clessidra socks

Now, that sock pattern reminds me of another sock pattern that I have yet to tell you about. Well I did mention it but never the full story. The lovely, gorgeous Entrelac socks by Eunny Jang in the IK spring ’07. I cast them on the night I got the mag in the mail. I used some sock yarn I had on hand from Over the Rainbow Yarns (linked on the sidebar). Perfect colors, gorgeous pattern, matched gauge- or at least I thought so. Obvi my gauge changed from stockinette to doing entrelac. Because, I got the entire leg up to where I would start the cuff (that is all the way to my knee folks) and decided I should try it on.

Now, before you think ‘ why did she wait so long before trying it on?’, I did try it on after turning the heel and doing two tiers. It fit fine, a tad snug but I have other socks that are much more tight & they are more than functional.

So, I pull it on, oh shit. I pull some more. Not going on. No way, no how. Unfortunately my skinny ankles are not skinny enough apparently, for the lack of leg shaping above the ankles for 6″. I should have increased at about 4″ and then again at 6″. But I didn’t know that. So, I ripped out the entire sock to the heel turn. Yes, 5 full days of knitting only that sock & I ripped it out in less than 5 minutes. My husband kept apologizing to me while watching to make sure I didn’t have a brain aneurism from anger. Anger at myself, Eunny for the perfectly beautiful sock that was almost mine. So here it is, ripped out & waiting to be re-knit.

 (I am not giving it the satisfaction of a great picture)

Honestly I am not sure I will ever be able to bring myself to knit them again. I loved doing it the first time, it wasn’t a chore. I have a feeling the second time is going to be more than a chore. I have plans, ideas for the second time around. My own short row heel pattern, knit them both at once either magic loop or on 2 circs so they can easily be tried on after every set of tiers (not tears, I will say it is a damn good thing I was not pms’ing when it happened or I may have just burned them in the fireplace outside).

Deep breath.

Until now I couldn’t even talk about it without getting angry. But that is life when you knit other peoples patterns.


4 thoughts on “New Knitty is up!!

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks! I just wish I had the forethought to get a picture of it done before ripping it out. sigh. I can’t wait to get a new fun pair cast on though.


  2. Anonymous

    New Knitty. Somehow I missed that. Thanks for mentioning that it’s out. Those socks are now on my “to-do” list too.


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