Who says socal has uneventful weather?

34 mph average winds, power outages (or surges as the kids call them), gazebo’s blowing over (and top ripped completely off, beyond repair, lame!), shingles flying off roofs (yes we still have cedar roof shingles),  recycle bins blowing down the street. That was the last 24 hours here in lovely Goleta. We don’t get snow, but it’s pretty much garaunteed that we will get a great windstorm sometime around new years. A little too unsettling for me. I kept finding myself spinning faster when the wind blew harder, slower when it calmed down. I had to just stop & read my Robert Jordan books (finished book 3 yesterday).

Today, a lot less wind, 12 mph average it says. Sunshine but a little nip to it. The kids actually moved all of the gazebo frame pieces off to one side of the yard for me. They were happy to see it down only to be able to ride their battery operated race cars around & around in circles without banging into the corners of the gazebo.

Knitting tonight, Java Station, be there!



2 thoughts on “Who says socal has uneventful weather?

  1. Anonymous

    It was pretty crazy last night for sure!! And it does always seem to be around New Years doesn’t it?

    I was at my parents house when their electricity went out last night and they overlook the city. We saw a few transformers blow (bright flashes of blueish-white light) and were checking out which parts of the Riviera and downtown were out of power.

    I ended up reading most of the evening too!


  2. Anonymous

    Phew, sounds like I left SB just in time.
    Of course I’ll return to Claremont to discover that our entire apartment has blown away but since I’m not there yet, I don’t have to deal with it!
    Happy New Year!


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