spinning, spinning, spinning

I have just been spinning the pound of merino/tencel I got from Copper Moose the last two days. Predrafting all the fiber, filling the bobbin. I am really excited to have it done to swatch it & see what wonderful patterns I have laying around to knit. It is single spun worsted weight with a little bit of thick & thin throughout because I am not a very experienced spinner by any means.

Tracy had a wonderful Christmas with all her gifties, one of which I am so jealous of! She also finished the Feather & Fan shawl! Go check it out, it’s ridiculously gorgeous in burgundy cashmere 2/14 from Colourmart UK on Ebay.

I have my birthday present coming from Tracy, 2 more cones I bought  that I am going to ply together on my wheel to make a nice dk weight cashmere. Yummy!! Oh & Hello??? How about a 900gram Scrap bag of cashmere? Sound good? We thought so!

I suppose I had better use some of the yarn I have on hand to account for getting all this new cashmere. Huh, what shall I knit with it?? I do love the print o’ the wave stole. I have been thinking of using the 150g cone of burgundy I have for that. It sure seems like it’s a quick lace pattern to knit up. I should finish up some things I have on needles before going bonzai for a bunch of new projects. sigh. lame. Why don’t I have 8 hands to knit with and 26 waking hours in the day?? And I don’t even work outside the house.

I did start the Deep V Argyle Vest pattern that Tracy bought for my bday, using Top of the Lamb sport weight yarn in Stone and Charcoal that I had on hand. The charcoal is the main color and the stone the contrast color. I have the ribbing done but have put off starting the actual charted argyle pattern until I have the merino/tencel roving all spun and off the bobbins.

I have never been one for New Years Resolutions so I will leave 2006 and enter 2007 with the knowledge that I will accomplish many things next year, chance and circumstance may determine what gets accomplished.



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