Whip one out

I thought since I finished a long, long project that I needed a quick fix. So I started a triangle shawl using Patagonia Araucania cotton yarn, some I had on hand, the rest I bought at Knit & Pearl. Using 9 balls of greens colorway, 1 reds, 1 oranges and 1 blues I am just going, going, going. I want it to be huge, like a blanket! Right now the spine measures 32″ when I hold it up and let it hang. I am about half way done with it.

In the shade to get rid of the shadows but the true colors are in the sunlight.

Now that I see it on the monitor it looks rather fiesta-ish. That is not a bad thing, just not my thing. I will have to see how this turns out. I do like it while I am working on it though so we’ll just have to see once it’s done.

On another note, I took a picture of the Filatura Di Crosa pattern that I am working on little by little.

That is 7 inches of 2×2 ribbing people! Now I am onto the body of the back which is all stockinette. I do love the yarn, it is a tad bit more orange than in the photo. Spice is the color name. The sweater is just adorable! I really should focus on just that so I can get some wearing time in before it gets too cool for my freezing extremities. Yeah, I know! We live in Santa Barbara, home of no seasons. Well let me tell you, I feel the seasons in my freezing hands & feet even if it is 70degrees outside!

Tracy & I made magnetic boards for ourselves (oh, about 4 months ago) after our smaller 6″x9″ weren’t large enough for full size 8.5″x11″ charts. Easy to do & inexpensive. We were lucky enough to find 8.5″x11″ heavy, thick, leather placemats(? we never did figure out what they were really for) at Ross that we used as our backing, 4 for $4.99. Then we took a roll of self sticking magnetic sheet, cut it to the right size & stuck it on. I then took my self stick magnet strips, cut some ribbon to match and voila! Fancy, schmancy magnet board! I have two & Tracy has two.

Back that is not magnetic

Magnetic board front that is magnetic!

Magic I tell you!


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  1. Anonymous

    Okay, I love your magnetic board! Mine is 8 x 10, a little smaller than a page, but not too much. Hey by the way, thank you for commenting on my blog. It’s nice to know someone’s reading! It’ seems awfully quiet out there! Kind of like sending messages in a bottle. You’re never quite sure if anyone see it! – Laura


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