Done, Done, Done

Okay, so I did it like I said I would. At 12:35pm Saturday I bound off the last stitch of the Fan & Feather Shawl.

Here is a picture of it being bound off. Crochet bind off for the edging detail.

And here it is all bound off & ready for blocking. 46″ across

And now for the blocking. I used my blocking wires & T-pins on my California King Sized bed.

I now need to steam all around the edging to make it nice & round, not pointy. Right now it measures 73″ from tip to tip. I do believe that it will grow a tad bit more when I steam the edging out.

I am so pleased yet a little sad that this long journey is done. It’s like when I come home from a long trip, I am sad that I am home. The same here. I am sad that this shawl is done being knit. Even though I now get to use it/wear it all the time. I sat for about 2 hours not knitting at all before I was able to get over my muddled brain and decide what to knit on next. I did decide that I would work on socks. The green STR socks to be exact. I finished them last night. Done. I did forget to take a picture of them though. To be posted later….


2 thoughts on “Done, Done, Done

  1. Anonymous

    whoop, there it is! the pictures don’t do the colors justice. and look at the crazy blocking rig up! jiminy cricket, chauntel.
    what do you mean by steaming? with an iron?


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