Swap Package for Caffeinatedfrenzy

I love swaps! I sent out a package last week & in my excitement I forgot to take pictures! Luckily, the recipient, Caffeinatefrenzy on Ravelry, took a ton of photos & posted them.While my next batch of coffee is brewing, I thought I’d share (read: brag) about some of my goodies. I took sooo manyContinue reading “Swap Package for Caffeinatedfrenzy”

This Girl Got Goodies!

So once a year I do one of the Caffeine Addicts group swaps. It tends to be the spring swap for some reason. I had so much fun putting together the package for Kelsey, which I will post next. Calling CaffeinatedFrenzy!! I got a package!! And it’s filled with goodies! Sewing notions! The cutest yellowContinue reading “This Girl Got Goodies!”

Comic Con Geurilla Yarn Bombing

I am starting squares soon!! I have a couple of projects already on a time deadline so it may be a week or two but I am so doing this. I think I will dedicate one skein of at least one color. How many squares do you think I can get out of a SuperContinue reading “Comic Con Geurilla Yarn Bombing”

My Adventures in Designing a Granny Square Coat

This is my granny square coat. I found a photo array of a granny square coat through a friend on Facebook and since the original was written without directions and in another language I decided I would just tackle it all on my own, adjusting as I go.I started with 44 squares. Once I hadContinue reading “My Adventures in Designing a Granny Square Coat”

Zig-a-Zag Glovelets PDF Pattern $4

I love this glove pattern. Meshy, squishy zig zag lace, knit in the round magic loop style and using just 35 grams, ONE 50 gram ball of fingering weight yarn.(You know you all have those leftovers from socks or shawls that would be perfect for this pattern.)The nice thing about this meshy pattern is thatContinue reading “Zig-a-Zag Glovelets PDF Pattern $4”

Plain Jane Boot Topper Pattern

Another new PDF pattern for sale! Simple crochet pattern for boot toppers/cuffs to be worn with all height boots. Wear either end up as shown in the first photo for versatile use. Fold the longer cuff up & over the top of your boot to help keep snow & rain out. These make fabulous gifts!!Continue reading “Plain Jane Boot Topper Pattern”

New Patterns!!

Over there in the left hand sidebar there are some new Buy It Now buttons for patterns. Mesh Boot Topper~ $3 Simple crochet boot topper/cuff pattern that would be great for a beginning crocheter to show off. Single crochet through the back of the stitch and a simple mesh pattern on the top. Adorable poppingContinue reading “New Patterns!!”