Swap Package for Caffeinatedfrenzy

I love swaps! I sent out a package last week & in my excitement I forgot to take pictures!
Luckily, the recipient, Caffeinatefrenzy on Ravelry, took a ton of photos & posted them.While my next batch of coffee is brewing, I thought I’d share (read: brag) about some of my goodies. I took sooo many pictures.

Everything was wrapped in polka dot paper :). This package had absolutely perfect timing. I threw a little tea party last night where I got all dressed up, and was able to use my new nail polish (these are like little stickers with bright flower designs on them, made out of nail polish. They smooth right onto your nails, and voila!), my new burt’s bee’s lip balm (the natural hue is absolutely perfect for my pale skin) and serve tea on my cute new coasters! I also cooked with my hot pink new spoons and measuring spoons.


And look at these little boxes! They were filled with gorgeous stitch markers she made herself, a pin, a keychain, some handmade face scrubbies.


The cowl she made me is in almost every photo I took, because, well, look at it. 🙂 (I wore that to my tea party, too!)

I haven’t even gotten to the deliciousness and all the handmades and fun little things yet, but I have to run off to work. But I felt this package deserved a thank you thank you thank you as soon as possible!

But wait, there’s more! 🙂 I’m probably not the easiest swappee, I have no blog, twitter, and am always deleting my facebook, and don’t post all that much on here. But firebrunette still nailed it!

Socks that match the scarf! And some gorgeous sock yarn in pink and a painted white/pink that coordinates. A lovely little notebook, marshmellows shaped like cupcakes, some mike and ikes, tootsie rolls, and some of them were wrapped in a cute little reusable pink bag.


She also made me a mug!

She also found a book filled with poetry/art and illustrations that I’ve been drooling over on amazon. It will definitely be great inspiration! And the coffee! I tried it for the first time this morning. It’s super fresh, brewed 3/29, and tastes amazing. I don’t typically put anything in good coffee but creamer, but those cupcake marshmellows, I couldn’t resist 🙂


This Girl Got Goodies!

So once a year I do one of the Caffeine Addicts group swaps. It tends to be the spring swap for some reason. I had so much fun putting together the package for Kelsey, which I will post next.

Calling CaffeinatedFrenzy!! I got a package!!
And it’s filled with goodies!
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
Sewing notions! The cutest yellow ribbon, buttons!! I love buttons! And the zipper is so cool I will have a hard time finding a project worthy of its use.
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
How cute is this ribbon bag that contained all of the sewing notions? I am hoping I can use it to hold a sock project & not have the needles ruin the ribbon. I guess I am going to actually have to use point protectors!
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
The yarn is smooshy & soft & there is enough to make myself a nice fat cowl/infinity scarf. The second I saw it I knew what pattern I wanted to use but I have work to do so I can’t cast on yet, dangit.
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
Kindle/tablet stand…
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
Look how cute the kindle cover is!! I have a great button to put on it. I am so happy I don’t have to knit one for myself ;o)
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
This beaded bracelet is gorgeous! And the perfect color to go with pretty much every single thing I wear.
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap
This basket will be perfect for me to keep my set of crochet coasters in.
Caffeine Addicts Spring 2013 Swap

Thank you so much Kelsey!!
It’s such a fun package. Now to put all of my goodies to use…




Comic Con Geurilla Yarn Bombing

I am starting squares soon!! I have a couple of projects already on a time deadline so it may be a week or two but I am so doing this. I think I will dedicate one skein of at least one color. How many squares do you think I can get out of a Super Saver Red Heart skein? We’ll see!!


I haven’t finished making up the advertisements to go with the Comic Con project, however the ball needs to get moving! I will need 2,700 squares and ANYONE/SKILL level can help. I need 450 squares in each of the colors listed below. I chose a specific brand and colors for this project to keep it all cohesive. Who doesn’t have a skein of Red Heart laying around, right?


RED: Hot Red ID# 0390 (Super Saver)

YELLOW: Bright Yellow ID# 0324 (Super Saver)

ORANGE: Pumpkin ID# 0254 (Super Saver)

GREEN: Paddy Green ID# 0368 (Super Saver)

BLUE: Blue ID# 0886 (Super Saver)

WHITE: White ID# 0311 (Super Saver)


Hook: I

Form a magic ring OR ch 6 and join with SL ST

Round 1: Ch 3, 2 DC in ring, TR in ring, * 3 DC in ring, TR in ring, repeat from * twice more, join with SL ST to the top of beginning Ch 3

Round 2: Ch 3, * DC in each DC to TR, ( 2 DC, TR, 2 DC) in TR. Repeat from * three more times

Repeat round 2 until square reaches 7.5 inches

Finish off and weave in ends!

Squares can be mailed to:

Crochet Grenade

PO BOX 17188

San Diego CA 92177

Deadline for squares: June 25th

It will be installed guerrilla style, w/no permission, in the middle of downtown San Diego, during Comic Con. I am asking for 2,700 7.5 inch crocheted squares. I will be making an event page for all who want to help. More details about it will be made available in the upcoming days or week, but if you’d like to participate then let me know so I can send you an event invite.

Thanks so much for your interest and I look forward to collaborating!

Crochet Grenade

via Comic Con Bombing – chauntelensey@gmail.com – Gmail.

My Adventures in Designing a Granny Square Coat

This is my granny square coat.


I found a photo array of a granny square coat through a friend on Facebook and since the original was written without directions and in another language I decided I would just tackle it all on my own, adjusting as I go.
I started with 44 squares.


Once I had the majority of my granny squares done I felt the need for a break from squares so I worked on the sleeves and the large square for the back.
The sleeves are a 12 round granny square with shaping at the top for the shoulders and granny stripes down to the wrist.
The back is a 14 round square.



Once I had the sleeves done and the back square completed I could lay out the small squares with the large square for the back and sides.





Then it was time for the sewing (truly it was slip stitching) to commence.




Once the sewing together of squares was complete and I had the sleeves all set & sewn in it was time to work on the edging.
I chose to do granny stripes around the bottom edge first, then I worked granny stripes from the front left bottom corner up & around the collar back down to the right bottom front corner. After 6 granny stripes were worked in multiple colors I used the red to do one full round of edging; start at the front bottom left corner, around the bottom, up the right front, around the collar and back down the left front to join it to the start.
Then I did one final round of half double crochet in each stitch all the way around the edging just to give it a finished edge.





Unfortunately as you can see in the photo below when you are doing a lot of color changes in granny squares (and sewing in ends as you go) there can be a few errant ends that un-crochet.
Since finishing the coat I have spent more than a fair amount of time sewing ends & double checking joins.


I plan on taking more photos of the finished coat but since washing & drying I have found a few things I want to improve so I will get those taken care of and then I will re-shoot.


Zig-a-Zag Glovelets PDF Pattern $4


I love this glove pattern. Meshy, squishy zig zag lace, knit in the round magic loop style and using just 35 grams, ONE 50 gram ball of fingering weight yarn.
(You know you all have those leftovers from socks or shawls that would be perfect for this pattern.)
The nice thing about this meshy pattern is that variegated yarns work perfectly without too much crazy pooling happening.

Go ahead, buy it, cast on & love it!


Plain Jane Boot Topper Pattern

Another new PDF pattern for sale!

Simple crochet pattern for boot toppers/cuffs to be worn with all height boots. Wear either end up as shown in the first photo for versatile use. Fold the longer cuff up & over the top of your boot to help keep snow & rain out.
These make fabulous gifts!!
You can find the link to buy this pattern on the left sidebar with my other patterns as well as on Ravelry.com.


Thanks for shopping!!

New Patterns!!

Over there in the left hand sidebar there are some new Buy It Now buttons for patterns.
Mesh Boot Topper~ $3
Simple crochet boot topper/cuff pattern that would be great for a beginning crocheter to show off. Single crochet through the back of the stitch and a simple mesh pattern on the top. Adorable popping out the top of any height boots!

The crochet Mesh Boot Topper on the left, the knit Monkey Boot Topper on the right.
Monkey Boot Topper~ $3
These knit boot toppers are adorable under your short or tall boots keeping your legs warm from that cool draft that likes to creep in. You can flip them inside out and fold the lace top over the cuff of your boots as well. There are tons of ways to wear these beauties!