We have a studio!!!

Diana Collins and I have decided that our creativity & production needed a boost in a new space!

Our studio space is located in THE STUDIO at 751 S George Washington Blvd Wichita, KS 67211

Map of 751 George Washington Blvd, Wichita, KS 67211
This is the same building location as the iCT DeSTaSH SaLe.
It is a secured building so you will need to arrange a time to meet with me, a quick text/call should do it, 316.633.3217

Our studio is up on the second floor, 23 stairs up, so keep that in mind.
If need be, we can meet in a downstairs room if mobility is an issue.

We would love to not only use the space for our art/craft, but also to host others in their fiber art journey as well.

Give us a week or so to get our legs (and tables/chairs) under us and then we’ll be available with set hours.

My private and group lesson rates apply.
Group events/classes will be priced per event/class.

Watch for pretty pictures to appear of our space as we build it up!!

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