Colorwork myth? Color Dominance, You Decide

When I first tried colorwork with multiple colors in a round I only knew how to knit Continental, with the yarn in my left hand. I didn’t have any idea that there was the option to hold yarns separate in right and left hands.
Then, I met someone that told me to correctly knit stranded knitting I should separate my yarns and hold in each hand. There are benefits; speed, catching floats invisibly, yarns not as tangled, etc.

Well, over the years I have changed solely to two-handed stranded knitting, and at times I struggle with my tension on those individual stitches. I do all the little tips and tricks I have read over and over about color dominance in stranded knitting.
I won’t link to those articles here, this is about the old school use of one hand for colorwork.
I have missed my usual weekly knit group that meets for Wednesday Lunch Bunch for just about the last 6 months. Work and life have taken over Wednesdays.  I guess this has been a topic, and I am intrigued.
Do I want to go back to single handed Continental stranded knitting?

I currently work double knitting with both colors in my Continental hold. I use a yarn guide to keep the yarns from twisting at my finger hold, why not just hold and tension the same way and switch to stranded knitting for my next big colorwork sweater?

Watch a few videos on the topic and enjoy the personalities (and their rather strong opinions)!

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