Holidays & Stuff

While it’s still in the 60’s here in the Midwest the holiday decor and spirit are strong.
Knitting & crocheting warm, fuzzy things is in full swing, as well as finishing up the commission knits I have lined up.

A few Christmas gifts are on the needles and hooks, and I am sad not to have photos to post! When the knitting progress is almost all secret it gets a little hard to stay up on the social media postings.

But, there are some things coming up! The calendar for Jan-March knitting classes at Picket Fence Quilt Co is full! Beginner classes, next step intermediate classes, sweater, shawls, BSJ. I am pretty pleased with this next round of classes. As soon as they are scheduled in the computer they will go up under the Classes & Lessons tab.

A change coming up, the Wichita Knitters’ Guild is now meeting at the Wichita Central Library downtown. Same meeting day & times, just a more central location with media capability so we can use projectors for demonstrating and video. Super fun!
Guild board elections are in January so make sure you read the officer roles and nominate yourself! All positions are open, although I must admit, I am reluctant to give up the Treasurer position. So much work handing it over, the name changes on financials is always a pain in the butt. But, if there is a qualified member that wants the position, more power to them!

String Exchange has launched, we are closing orders out for the Spunky Eclectic yarns & fiber, but we are keeping a lot of the products open for ordering permanently and adding more items in the very near future.

For now, that’s all the news. I think…

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