Knitting for Charity – Hats In January

We are looking forward to warming up our community here in Wichita!
We are so blessed to have warm homes, warm clothes, vehicles, and each other.
We are also blessed with a talent & hobby that can benefit others.

It is our desire to start a program for giving locals in need handmade items to keep them warm. Hats are a good place to start.
We will announce at the December guild meeting a date in January that we will set out around the Wichita area and deliver our handmade hats to those in need.

Child through the largest adult hats are needed.
Made using washable yarns.

Below are some wonderful sites with free patterns available. They don’t need to be fancy, but they do need to be well made.

Knitting for Charity |

Red Heart Hats for Charity

Free Hats on Ravelry – all sizes

We would also encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wonderful efforts our Wichita community puts forth to the underprivileged.
Many, many families are on the verge of being homeless and the services provided to keep them safe and sheltered need to be supported, taken note of, and shared with those in need as well as those able to support in any way possible; financially, with time, or with any items you are able to donate.

Wichita’s Homeless Outreach Team H.O.T.

Please, leave comments with ideas and/or patterns that you love!



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