This week’s drop off times & places for the iCT DeSTaSH:

  • 6/8 Monday afternoon: 2-3:30pm at American Maid
  • 6/8 Monday evening: 5-7pm at Common Grounds Coffee House
  • 6/9 Tuesday evening: 6-8pm Central KS Knitter’s Guild in Newton
  • 6/10 Wednesday: 12-3pm at Common Grounds Coffee House
  • 6/10 Wednesday evening: 6-8pm at Picket Fence Quilt Co
  • 6/13 Saturday: 10am-2pm at American Maid

    That’s it folks!! Get it to me this week or it won’t be included in the sale weekend!!

UPDATE 6/4: I have had a few drop offs of yarn & books, I know there are a lot of you out there that haven’t gotten around to getting your items ready for sale. Please, don’t wait until the last Saturday, June 13th, for drop off. I don’t want to spend 24 hours a day doing the inventory lists, I would REALLY appreciate if you could get items to me sooner rather than later. ALSO TAKE NOTE: Labeling your items with tags, labels, stickers, etc that WILL NOT peel or fall off is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!! Using a white label? Put an added layer of tape over the top to make sure it won’t peel off of the ziploc bag, yarn ball band, etc. Do not hesitate to call or text me to setup a drop off time! 316.633.3217

I am really excited to be hosting this sale! It will be a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. Please do not hesitate to ask questions! Location of Sale: click for link to Google Maps American Maid 1717 Briggs St Wichita, KS 67203 Sale Dates:

  • June 19th, Friday 10am-7pm
  • June 20th, Saturday 8am – 8pm

Details for Shopping:

  • Bring wallet, this is the most important detail ;o)
  • No cost to shop
  • Cash, check ($36 returned check fee if NSF), Paypal, and, hopefully, credit cards accepted If using Paypal you will need to have access to app to make payment
  • Patience, sometimes the checkout process with marking inventory sold from different sellers can take a few minutes
  • Shoplifters will be prosecuted, knitters don’t steal from other knitters EVER!!

Details for Selling:

  • Yarn, fabric, notions, books, needles, hooks, fiber & spinning items, project bags, finished hand knit or crochet items that you no longer want, etc., all for sale from Individual’s stashes
  • YOU price your items; mark them with your name & price clearly. Post it notes that will fall off won’t work, securely mark them so that even when being fondled they will stay marked clearly
  • You can change the price of your items at any time
  • Yarn that is not marked will be taken off the sales floor and put in a lost & found bin to be gone through by each seller at the time of pickup at the end of the sale Saturday
  • $10, due at drop off, to sell your items; no matter how few or how many items you have
  • Drop off deadline: Saturday June 13th 5pm at American Maid
  • Pick up deadline: Saturday June 20th 8:30pm at American Maid (unless previous arrangements have been made with me, and I reserve the right to refuse requests to hold your yarn for pickup)
  • When you drop off your yarn I will have a time sheet for volunteer hours to help work the sale
  • I would ask that you consider signing up for a couple of hours to help work the sale. It’s a 2 person job at checkout at all times, then there is the general organization and cleanup that needs to happen on the sales floor. All volunteer time is appreciated & you’ll get a special something from me for helping out!
  • If for some reason the sale does not happen your $10 and items will be available for pick up at a designated time to be announced
  • Your sales will be tallied within 24 hours. You have the choice to receive payment in the form of cash, Paypal, or money order ($.49 charge to you) for your payment. We’ll arrange payment pickup as event comes to a close on Saturday evening*PAYPAL & CREDIT CARD FEES WILL BE PASSED ON TO THE INDIVIDUAL SELLER AND TAKEN FROM YOUR TOTAL SALES (remember, by accepting credit cards & Paypal we are opening up more spontaneous sale opportunities) **IMPORTANT TO NOTE: the space is rented for the 2 days of the sale. Your items cannot stay in the space after Saturday night. If you cannot make it to pick up your unsold items, then you need to make arrangements with a friend that is selling or buying to pick up your items for you. Or, talk to me. I reserve the right to refuse to hold your items, I am also limited on space.

Drop off Locations & Times: *all times are subject to change, contact me if another time is needed

  • Porch drop off at Firebrunette Knits any time, contact me at or text 316.633.3217 for address
  • Wednesdays, May 13th – June 10th, from 2pm – 5pm at Common Grounds Coffee House
  • Saturday, May 9th, 10am – 4pm at American Maid
  • Saturday, May 16th, 10am – Noon at American Maid
  • Saturday, May 23rd, 10am – Noon at American Maid
  • Saturday, May 30th, 10am – 4pm at American Maid
  • Saturday, June 6th, 10am – 4pm at American Maid
  • Saturday, June 13th, LAST DAY TO DROP OFF, 10am – 5pm at American Maid

Any changes to the sale plans will be announced by email, on Firebrunette, in the Firebrunette Knits Ravelry group, and on the Firebrunette Knits Facebook page. Lots of ways to get information!! PLEASE PASS THE WORD!! The more people we have involved, the more stash you clear out, the more new goodies you can take home. Win, win!!

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