Fixing Mistakes Workshop Just Added

Workshop date:

Saturday 3/28

3:30 – 6:30pm

Mistakes are a part of knitting, we may not like it but it’s how we learn. Guess what? You can learn how to fix them!

Discover what your stitches should look like so you can catch issues early. Learn to count rows and stitches, install lifelines, pick up stitches from rows below before ripping back.

Decipher your knitting to find your place after you’ve set your project down in a rush to let the dog out.

Fix mistakes in stockinette stitch, as well as textured stitches, including garter stitch. Rip out rows safely and securely when necessary and ensure that all of your stitches get back on the needles properly.
Take the fear out of mistakes, grow your confidence that you can fix it all by yourself!!

Sounds crazy? No! You can do it!

Note: This is ONE 3 hour session with one 15 minute break.



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