Guitar String Beader Tutorial

I am putting this a few places for easy reference…
Okay, so tonight I started a shawl with beads and I am using the guitar string method and I must say I think it’s brilliant.
Here, let me show you…
First I took a 6” piece of thin acoustic slinky guitar string that just so happened to be on my table next to me from Josh playing & adjusting his guitars the other night.
Second I bent one end about an inch up, all the way over 180 degrees.
Then I strung beads on the other still straight end. I was able to get about 90 8/0 beads on the wire.
Finally I took an eraser from a pencil and slid it as a stopper on the straight end. I did bend that end but now I am thinking I should have left it straight for taking off the eraser & reloading beads.

To use:

  • Once the beads are on, you knit to the stitch that needs the bead.
  • Hook the stitch with the bent crook of guitar string & remove from needle, move a bead up on to the 2 pieces of string and off on to the stitch. It’s much easier to move the bead than pull with the guitar string.
  • Put the stitch back on the left needle and knit the stitch.
  • Using the bent end of the guitar string, hang from your knitting so it’s right at hand.


Here is a photo collage to help.
Guitar String Beader Tutorial

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