Reading while Knitting? Yes, Please!


Seriously? Why didn’t I make one of these before my Kindle even made it to my house??
I did a swap with a friend; she had no use for her Kindle, I could custom knit any items she wanted of equal value. It worked out perfectly.
It’s been awesome having it to read while knitting but even with the silicone sleeve or my hard case that is fabric backed it still slips around or doesn’t sit at the right angle for my reading needs.
Hence, the making of the Kindle stand today.
I have increased on the Noro Taiyo sock yarn Pi Shawl (blanket) to 576 stitches so I need something to occupy me during the looooong rounds of knit, knit, knit.


I heavily modified a free pattern I found & still decided there are a couple of things I will do differently so I may end up writing a whole new pattern with sizing for Kindles, 7″ tablets, 10″ tablets. That should cover just about all devices out there…smaller size for my phone may be next.

kindle stand



This was a pretty fast knit too. Total I would say 3 hours including time for making modifications.
Great idea for gifts!!

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