Let’s See…




I have been working on 3 projects; one long term (more than 3 years hibernating), one gift for VDay, one pair of socks for me!

Trekking 72's

The socks are very basic 72 sts on size 0 needles, magic loop style, gauge of 11 sts per inch. Nice & tight to wear like iron.I have had this Trekking XXL yarn for many years and finally I broke down and decided that the perfect pattern is no pattern at all. This pic was last night when I was measuring when to start my toe decreases. Next pic is the finished first sock and the start of the second.


Next project please…


This is the sweater I am making Josh for Valentine’s Day.
Basic info: in the round, bottom up, celtic knot cables worked up the front center and up both sleeves to saddle shoulder.
Heavy worsted weight yarn on size 10 needles.
Picture above was taken yesterday, picture below was taken just a few minutes ago.
I must say I am getting a lot of knitting done now that I have a Kindle. I can read & read & knit & knit.


Up close & personal with some knots.


Third up is the Debbie Bliss Cabled Jacket that I started about 3 years ago. Could have been longer than that, Ravelry will know 😉
I finished up the back and got one of the fronts started. This is a pretty straight forward charted pattern but there is no multi-tasking with this one.




I love this yarn, RYC Cashsoft DK. I have another sweater, Julia, made from this yarn and it is one of the few I chose to take with me from California when we “temporarily” moved in 2010. I am so glad I did. It’s a gorgeous sweater as well and wears beautifully.
Back to what I was saying…
I am enjoying my knits. A couple fast & fulfilling, one difficult but a smooth knit, one a design of my own for the man I love.
Right now I am feeling blessed to have time to work on these projects. For me, my choice. Not for hire, not for others. I love knitting gifts but I have to say sometimes I miss finishing and wearing my own knits.

Oh! That reminds me…I need to get final pictures of my other recent finished sweater, the Delancey Cardigan. I have worn it multiple times & have had to wash it. White & yellow, no surprise that it will be needing washing after every few times of being worn.

Here’s a pic I do have…
Delancey Cardigan buttons

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