“Intention & Focus”

Those are the words a dear knitting friend wrote on her blog this morning. She is creating an art project just for herself with intention & focus.

It has been a long, long time since I have created anything for myself with intention. The focus is sometimes there when I am creating but for a long time now I have been choosing easy projects, easy patterns (for my skill level), and 90% of what I have made I have given away. I have designed a few things here & there over the last year but nothing that I’ve done anything with really.

I started a sweater for myself about a month ago, got bored and knit 6 gift shawls instead. I love my ideas for the sweater it’s just simple and something I have wanted but not found in other patterns. But it doesn’t take intention or focus the way I perceive the meaning of those 2 words.

I am going to focus my thoughts on  Intention. The Knitting Olympics are coming up and that has always been a time for me to push myself. I want to design & knit a sweater for myself. I have the yarn chosen, the pattern is still a little hazy but I am hoping it will become clear.

I used to use my focus & intention on photography but since losing all my equipment in the storage unit I lost all interest.

Huh, that made me think of sewing. Quilting, more specifically. That may be the outlet I am looking for.

More thinking I am thinking.

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