My Mom Will Love This Post ;o)

So, remember when you & Dad left me home for a long weekend with Ali when we were 14 and we shaved our heads and dyed our hair without asking? And then you bleached mine to pumpkin orange then re-dyed it to black. You didn’t care if my hair was black, the point was that I didn’t ask first.

Well I am not necessarily asking since I am 37 but I am informing you that there will be head shaving happening here soon…this humidity is killing me and I don’t think I can stand the underneath part of my hair becoming dreadlocks every other day any longer. I shaved Josh’s hair in to a mohawk (how his hair is meant to be naturally I have decided ;o)) tonight to help keep him cool at work. He wears his hats all the time anyways but with such thick, wavy dark hair it gets pretty hot. As soon as I was done and looked at him it was like he was 16 again! Weird yet not weird at all. Until we reconnected the last couple years and his hair was longer, grown out, I had only known Josh with a mohawk. Always, always I coveted his perfect dark wavy mohawk. Now I get to touch it and fondle it all I want. 
And as far as my hair goes; ringlet sideburns, shaved sides, that’s where it’s heading. No crazy colors this time around though…at least not right now…that is Cori’s thing lately with purple and blue ;o) 

So, that is my hair processing for tonight…now to get a good night’s sleep so I can shave with a steady hand!

6 thoughts on “My Mom Will Love This Post ;o)

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  2. Andi, I have been wearing a Betty Page, just a little longer, for a while now. Chelsea is super short and I haven’t gone that short for about 5 years. And a Mohawk would have me shave more than I want gone. So it’s going to be a mix of the 3. I am in the process of growing out my bangs, I still want my hair long so I am thinking of starting at 2″ wide at the front tapering to an inch back behind my ear just following the hairline. Waiting for the courage to touch my hair. The last few years I have a lot of anxiety around cutting my hair. A LOT! But I hate being hot so I think I can do it lol


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