Knitting Queue Redo

 I have cleaned out my knitting and crochet queue so that I don’t have it chock full of baby items and I am replacing them with comfort items.

I am looking for distraction and a few extremely fast shawls are what I need. Beautiful yarn, beautiful yet simple patterns, and finished projects that will brighten my days.
First is the Simmer Dim Shawl, I am using an Alina Shea Creations yarn,  Balance, in Primavera a springy, lemony-lime color.

Simmer Dim Shawl Pattern.

Next is from the newest issue of Knitty, the Good Day Sunshine shawl . I am going to use another Alina Shea yarn, Grassy Feet in Fire of Life, beautiful red.

 I still have a want to make little baby boy things. I have a stack of projects that need ends woven in but no baby to use them. For now I will get them finished a little at a time and set them aside.

Today was a good day and matching yarns and patterns pleased me.

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