Virtual Baby Shower & A bit of a Late Christmas

We are so blessed with amazing family & friends!

Today was our Virtual Baby Shower and lo & behold, a late Christmas from the Ensey Grandparents too! Our table was FULL of amazing love & gifts.

A few things came early, like the black, white, & red quilt that Mom made the baby. Cute teddy face appliqued on the center and a scrumptious Minky backing.

The kids were spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa Ensey…crocheted scarves for the boys, a fab green shrug (short for “shoulder rug” according to Josh) for Sadie. She hasn’t taken it off yet…perfect gift!
It dawned on me today that my kids are surrounded by the rich love of handcrafted items. Blankets, quilts, scarves & hats to cuddle up in. I love that they can wrap up in the love of those that can’t be with them.

Josh & I received birthday and Christmas gifts…I was spoiled with a black leather jacket!! (Sadie thinks it’s so fantastic that it fits her too, sharing among the Ensey women!) Josh got Mormon potatoes ;o)

I am tired so forgive me if this is short or missing thank you’s. There will be plenty more to come I am sure!

Kiki (Karen Stephens) sent a jam-packed box of the cutest baby stuff & “cake”! Black and white and yellow striped leggings, hats, socks, onesies, GREEN yarn! I will have to make something super fun with the green yarn for the babe. You were so right, no party is complete without cake, the Twinkies were a big hit before dinner, Thank You!

And Melissa, thank you so much for the hand made treasures…I love the vintage fabrics, just as you knew I would! The screen printed onesies you made are so perfect…AWESOME!

Erin Middleton, thanks for the Amazon gift card…and yes, that is hilarious, the little snafu you made sending it to yourself… 🙂 I can’t wait to pick some fun things for the baby, I do believe we’ll wait until after the baby is born to know the sex and pick the perfect items.

Christi, my sister, the funny octopus toy is great! Made me realize I have no place for toys…

We are so grateful to be thought of in such high regards by friends and family that want to show us how happy they are for our happiness!
There will be many more posts in the future gushing our love and thanks…I am sure!


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