It’s Friday! And I am Sick.

I so rarely get sick that I don’t even know how to deal with puffy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, cough, tight chest, headache, sour stomach, and the overall feeling of Yuck.

Cori & Mark came by last night before they left for their cruise this morning and dropped off some tupperware…2 garbage bags full of tupperware, all with lids! I have some organizing to do! Gotta come up with the perfect plan on how to store them, I have the cupboard space to work with so that’s good.

I am about 60% done with one of Josh’s Gansey socks and 30% done with the second. I need to catch the second sock up to the same length as the first then knit them at the same time so I can use up every last drop of the yarn on the pair. Hoping they will be tall enough. This is my first time knitting for a man’s size 12 feet.

Once those are done I need to focus on baby knitting. Sleep sacks and diaper soakers and booties and nursing wraps (shawls 😉 ). I can borrow a knitting machine from a woman in the crochet guild here to make a ton of blankies and maybe a few wrap sweaters for myself if I can. I love the sweaters that are showing up in all the stores that are just a long rectangle with sleeves set in, perfect for nursing!  

That one is not the waffle knit one I saw at Target the other day but it’s close.  I am sure by this point you all have seen them.


I also am doing a coffee lovers swap. I need to get over to the local roasters and pick up a mug and coffee beans. It’s so fun putting together packages, I already received the yarn and have a few other things in a box as well…yippee!!
I know, I know. Swapping coffee and yarn, my 2 indulgences, while we are tight financially may not be the most responsible thing but it’s so nice to spoil someone else with the same loves and interests. Especially when they live in a totally different part of the country!

Sidenote: If I could eat my cereal with cream instead of milk I would be one happy girl!!

I have missed a few things I lost in the storage unit, my apron collection and my fabric stash are on the top of the list. This is what reminded me…

That is where I will leave you all for now. I need to get a few more things on my registry and then get off this timesuck of a contraption.

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