Riiight…Not So Sure About Today…

I posted in one of the forums on Rav this morning that I was in some serious need of some fiberly love to be sent my way today. Of course I got it! Like always, my ladies came through for me. 
Quick update…I hit a curb this morning on our way to run a day full of yuck errands; glucose test (blech), DMV for my drivers license change, Social Services to see about assistance when I have to go on unpaid maternity leave (that is one thing we didn’t get done, darnit, and I am not pleased with having to ask for assistance so I was dreading that one anyway). I knew immediately it was bad. The tire wasn’t flat but I couldn’t keep the car straight. We went directly to the one place that we know of in town.
Josh has been sick, as well as 2 of the 3 kids, and there haven’t been many hours for him at work this week so he was feeling pretty low that all this coincided with yet another car repair/issue and another day off. The first thought that went through my head was, “there is a reason this happened. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad reason yet but I know there is a reason.” My emotions bounced all over the place the first half of the day. The repairs costing over half of our income from yesterdays paychecks.
While I waited in the repair shop, Josh was out in the garage going over the repairs needed with the guy that helped us immensely the last time we had to go in. I was knitting on the gansey sock I had with me and crying when Josh walked in, job application in hand. The guy had offered him a full time position at the same pay he makes now but with guaranteed hours.
So then we had a choice to make on top of already heightened emotions over financial devastation (I hate car repair expenses SO MUCH. Especially when I could have used that money for say a crib, carseat, and stroller for this baby that’s ridiculously close to being here).
We were home, car-less, while they repaired the car for us and we spent our time making phone calls and doing crap online that we’ve put off doing for lack of time. Majority of what we had to do we had procrastinated on because we knew the outcomes wouldn’t be simple or cheap. I hate money, by the by.
Josh called the owner of the company and set up a time to drop off his application. Fortunately, it worked out perfectly that we could get pretty much everything we needed to do in a consolidated timeline and geographic area. I went to my doctor’s lab, drank the glucose drink (gag me with a spoon), we had exactly one hour to drive over to meet the owner, give him his application and ended up in a 40 minute interview (more on that in the next paragraph), go back to the lab, have blood drawn, go to the dmv, take a number, get my driver’s license, get home, get dinner in the oven, take the kids to Walmart to get new fish & a tank setup with the boys Christmas gift cards from their Ziegler cousins, home to eat dinner, get in bed, wait for Cori and Mark to stop by with loads of tupperware, and swimsuits for Sadie starting swimming tomorrow at school (huge lifesaver! I didn’t have time or the money now to hunt down a good suit for her in the middle of winter with one nights time frame). Now I am dead tired, fighting off the cold my whole family has had, dreading the next doctors appointment, and I don’t want to go to bed yet now that the house is quiet and I can try to relax.
I am also very anxious and this is why…
Josh got the job! He’s nervous about how it dropped in our laps, he was hired so quickly, no time to talk to his current employer about how the transition and hours would work, and the new job wants him there first thing in the morning tomorrow!
I knew there was a reason for my “accident” this morning. I guess it was to take the control out of our hands for a minute and be directed (which, by the way, I dislike immensely).

So! New unexpected job change. Cut up California driver’s license replaced with a Kansas license (I have had the same California drivers license since my 16th bday and that was rather unsettling losing that today). 
This had to happen on the first day of my 3 days off in a row (miracle in itself) so now I have 2 more days to ponder what I could have done with that money, clean, organize, plan, and most likely just be too sick with this cold to do much of anything.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this work opportunity. I just don’t do well with quick changes that I wasn’t looking for or planning on. I am all for spontaneity! Love the quick decisions when I get to make them and hastily plan for them. I am a pessimist at heart, tried and true, through and through. I try not to be but that’s where I live. 

Now, I do believe I am tired enough to go and sleep. Another day tomorrow. Life has it’s plan for me and I guess I just need to shut the F up and deal…good or bad…

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