Deep Sigh….Big Smile…

The divorce is final. George didn’t take part at all. It took me months to hunt him down, finally got him served and then he did nothing. I filed for a default divorce and the judge signed the papers the very next day finalizing my divorce instantly. What a relief!!
We’ve been separated since February 2010.
George promised to file…again and again…never happened. Finally I found someone that I wanted to be with so I decided it was time for me to just bite the bullet and file. Unfortunately filing in another state made the child support a lot less and no alimony or spousal support of any kind but we don’t need him anyways.
So. Divorce final. Love here and permanent, and marriage on the very near horizon.
Oh and the move to Wichita, Kansas in a few weeks. That is a big one. House and work lined up.
I am at work tonight, Super 8 in Rexburg, Idaho for the next week and then I am done here again.
Super tired. Ready to get home and sleep. I have been knitting a project that is kinda secret…I will post pics soon enough. And more info on things in general when my brain is functioning on par.

2 thoughts on “Deep Sigh….Big Smile…

  1. Leslie

    I’m so happy you’re closing that bad chapter in your life and beginning a new one. You deserve all the happiness this world can possibly offer up. God speed you on your way!


  2. Julie

    Wow Chauntel!!! I can’t wait to hear what’s else is going on when your “brain is functioning on par” The kids are getting so big! Take care…Julie


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