And another box from Cori! Lord help me there’s a lot to list from this one, too much so a picture and summary are good; (hey! I literally just found a container of stitch markers in between yarns in the box from Maura! Surprises never end. Back to cori’s box.) There are Younger Yarn sock yarns, Alina Shea yarns, more cottons of all kinds, 10 balls of Roma Jaeger, noro Sekku and Silk Garden, a couple other balls/hanks of socks yarn, umm… and a scale! Mine is broken but here so a replacement is much appreciated.
I won’t be able to knit/crochet all this yarn!
I do plan to use most of it to make gifts for others, that’s how I roll.
In the box was another gift; a stone, a soapstone like a worry stone but I am calling this a strength stone. On one side it says “I am a woman”, the other side says “Healing Myself”. Along with it was a card with a great strength sentiment. I would share but I want to keep it for my own 🙂
Thank you my sweet Sister. I love you so much and take strength from knowing you’ve got my back.

One thought on “Sheesh!

  1. Cori

    Dearest sister, I can’t do enough for you right now, so I will do what I can. And the healing stone and the yarns that were in that little package are all from Shayla (ShaylaMyst on Rav and exquisite dyer of Alina Shea yarns). I am so glad you can get so much joy from the yarn!


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