I don’t know who all this yarn is from!
I am doing a swap but all this yarn is worth 5x our limit. I am shocked and giddy and want to KNIT!!
Nashua Creative Focus Cotton in a navy blue-10 balls
Queensland Bamboo Cotton in a citron green-10 balls
Nashua Champlain in a variegated green, gray, cream-10 balls
Queensland Super Aussie-10 balls
S. Charles Victoria cotton blend-10 balls
And in a separate shipment from an Indie Dyer, Younger Yarn, www.youngeryarn.etsy.com:
Younger Yarn Sexy String in Beach Glass
Younger Yarn Twisty String in Kissing Jordan in the Dark
Younger Yarn Twisty String in Or… Whatever
This is amazing! I hope the lovely person, or people, speak up and let me know who to thank! If it is from my swap pal I way under-did her package lol
In all seriousness, this is much more than I deserve and the generosity has me a bit flabbergasted.


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