Let’s get into Body Talk

Haha, that song makes me laugh.

But seriously, let’s talk body.

I have gained weight. Muscles. Still scared shitless of fat. Dealing with the inevitable fact that the fat will appear eventually.

I am going to the gym daily. Rotating workouts. Worked legs yesterday and I am sore today! It’s about frickin’ time! I used  my max weights  from the start and just went. It worked. I can walk, unfortunately. I was hoping I would be so sore I couldn’t move but I guess moving is a good thing when you have to do stuff.

I have been incorporating a dynamic exercise into each workout; burpees, prisoner squats with knee lifts, lunge kick thingies that I am not bothering to go look up the technical name for. Gets a sweat up, not what I am supposed to be doing if my goal is to put on the muscle weight. I am not taking in enough calories to do cardio and burn calories, I am burning muscle when I do cardio so I need to be careful.

Still hate food. Nothing new there.

So, there you go. Little bits of progress.


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