Ahh, Christmas

First let me say, today was an unexpectedly good day.

Calm, after the presents were opened, that is.

The kids didn’t actually force us to be up and about until 7:15, I think that’s a new record for sleeping in on Christmas. I will have to go back and check the records.

Every single gift they opened they ooh’d and awe’d and even bounced and squealed more than once. It was a fantastic feeling after the shit the last year has brought our way. My parents spoiled them, I did my best to spoil them, Tracy spoiled them, my sister Christi  had our family for Christmas this year and they spoiled us, two of my sisters-in-law Roberta and Lydia also sent packages, that pleased us all.

I was so worried coming up to this Christmas, was I going to be a complete mess? Emotional? Angry? Nope, and there are many reasons why I am not.
First and foremost my family. My parents have done so much for us since we have been living with them. What was supposed to be a 3 month stay has turned in to almost 8 months now and it will end up being over a year at least by the time things are straightened out. They help with watching the kids so I can work, they buy food for us even though I tell them NO! They do so much I can’t list it all. It’s been amazing. They are my friends as well as my parents. Religion aside, we are so very much alike in so many ways. It can drive Mom up a wall when Dad and I are alike (happens a lot more often than her & I being alike, I can tell you that) and seem to team up on her. It’s usually for a good cause that we team up on her at least.
Then there are my friends. Even though I left them in California I haven’t left them at all really. This miracle of the internet really has kept us together as a group. I am horrible at keeping in touch once I have moved away, or if a friend moves away. But between facebook, Ravelry, and blogs I am always informed and in touch.

Right now, sitting at work, I am feeling warm inside and that hasn’t happened for a while. I am grateful for the thoughtfulness and love that has come our way this Christmas. I know we are always loved this much but this year it means something different to me to see the joy on my kids faces that comes from the gifts and blessings we’ve been given.

And OMG, you have to see the coat my parents bought me!! I coveted this coat in the store for months, what a sinner I am but it paid off ;o) Pictures to come.

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