Instantaneous Beating Around The Bush

I have found that in our modern world of handheld instant gratification there is an obvious lack of direct and honest communication. Everything is subject to interpretation in text messages, emails, chatting, etc.
Why the fuck can’t we pick up our damn phones, yes believe it or not they are actually cellular phones people, and call to have meaningful conversations?
I am just as guilty of this as those around me but come on, when I have important things to say I call. I don’t text randomly and hope the recipient can figure out if that lol is truly laughing or my dry, sarcastic sense of humor. And smileys are no better. A wink, a smile, a halo, it’s all the same and I am guessing half of the time whether or not to take what was just said seriously or smile and shrug it off.
It’s just driving me fucking crazy right now.
Back to knitting.

5 thoughts on “Instantaneous Beating Around The Bush

  1. OK, I know this post isn’t about knitting (and yes, I admit I never pick up the phone and call anyone anymore), but I just need to tell you how happy it makes me to see you knitting up a storm! It’s awesome. And inspiring. And if I could crochet half as fast as you knit, well, then, maybe I wouldn’t be drowning in so much yarn!


  2. I have been having fun knitting so much. I am hoping January will bring me a full time job so I want to get as much done now as I can. Plus it helps that my butt/back aren’t killing me any longer so I can sit to knit more often.


  3. I have a 3 year old who likes to scream a lot. He HATES it when I talk on the phone. My mom called a few days ago, for example, and he started screaming “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” Totally not hurt or anything, just wanted to get me off the phone. My mom insisted we cut the conversation off before the neighbors called CPS, even though I insisted we not give into manipulative behavior.

    That’s my excuse – it’s kind of a crappy one because I think you’d deal with it better than most – but it’s made me kinda hate the phone too. I never talk to anyone on the phone anymore.

    But I should call you – and you should call me.


  4. Suzanne, that is my issue too. Mostly, I have nothing of great importance to say to most of my friends. But there are times, especially during a divorce/separation, relationship issues of many different kinds, that I think phone calls could resolve confusion, conflict and general unrest.
    and those people that should be calling know who they are.
    No worries for my everyday friends, I will always call when I feel the need. 😉


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