Tracy Rocks!!

This big ass box, yeah, it is filled with coffee and yarn!! My 2 favorite things, if music poured out when I opened it that would have been the only thing to have made it even better 😉
Thank you so much for the love and attention when I really did need it so very badly!
My BFF is way better than any of yours :-p

3 thoughts on “Tracy Rocks!!

  1. Great. Now I am all tearyeyed. 🙂 SoSO glad you now have coffee and yarn!! What else could a woman want! Well, we don’t really have to answer that… lol

    I didn’t think about having the angels sing when you opened the box. That would have been quite the feat.


  2. Yay!

    I hate to think of you without coffee or yarn. ;o)

    Glad to hear they hooked you up.

    Let me know if you need more, ‘cuz I love you too.


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