Holy crap.
Tracy and Rowan love me. Really.
I expected coffee but all the yarn it came surrounded in just makes me giddy!
And the funniest freakin’ cards too. No surprise there, they are my funny, funny friends!
Wow, I feel special. Really special and loved ❤
Now for a giant mug of coffee and organizing!!


3 thoughts on “OMG… COFFEE & YARN!?!?

  1. Cori

    This makes me so happy. I have been thinking that I need to send you yarn, but they beat me to it. I’m sorry I didn’t get any sent, but I love that you have such awesome friends! Wait, they are my friends too… We have awesome friends!


  2. Justina

    Holy smokes, that’s a lot of yarn! I knew they were going to send you some stuff, but that is a nice big pile! Impressive!


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